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Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00 

Konstantin  RAIKIN - art director of the State Theater "Satyricon" named after Arkady Raikin, People's Artist of Russia, director, laureate of the State Prizes of the Russian Federation, four times laureate of the National Prize "Golden Mask", laureate of the Stanislavsky Foundation prize, Crystal Turandot, Chaika "," Idol "," Triumph ", artistic director of the" Higher School of Performing Arts ", professor.


Poetic solo performance "Above the boon sky ..." is a high poetry passed through the heart.


            "What I'm doing in this performance is like me. I myself consist of different genres. Poetry, especially high poetry, is a special state of mind ... For me, reading poetry from the stage is the same role, the same monologues. They obey the same laws of scenic existence as any dramatic role. Now I feel a wave of interest in real poetry. People lack some vitamin in their spiritual food. Some good phrases, beautiful speech ... Pushkin read - the bacillus will remain smaller in the air. It's like a bell ringing ...


Dad used to say to me: "Always read poetry. Do it no matter who your audience is. This will help them to understand you more deeply and to look at life in many layers. "


Konstantin Raikin.


People's Artist of the USSR Bogdan Stupka, who died prematurely in 2012, shortly before his death, was at this concert of K. Raikin and afterwards said: "Nobody in the world reads poetry like Konstantin Raikin!"


The music of D. Shostakovich sounds. Konstantin Raikin reads poems of beloved poets -  David Samoilov, Nikolai Zabolotsky, Nikolai Rubtsov, Osip Mandelstam, Lope de Vega, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

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Konstantin Raikin

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