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Mare - Post Hardcore (Canada):
For Fans Of: Converge, Isis, Cult Of Luna, etc.
Founding members, drummer Caleb Collins, and singer/guitarist Tyler Semrick-Palmateer were profoundly influenced by the bleak landscapes of their respective rural Canadian towns. Mare's attempt to rationalize the overwhelming malaise of suburban life sometimes borders on desperation.
With music as their only outlet, they banded together in early 2003 to explore and refine a dark and highly emotional musical identity. This sound was routed in a variety of musical genres, including metal, jazz, and classical. The band recorded a critically acclaimed self-titled EP released on respected underground label Hydra Head Industries, in 2004. They extensively toured Canada and the U.S. alongside prominent extreme bands such as Converge, Isis, Pelican, Daughters, Cursed, These Arms are Snakes, Old Man Gloom, and Terror, to name a few. Mare quickly developed a loyal following with their intense and moving live show. Often heralded for both an ability to express their art with a rare technical proficiency, and to achieve an uncanny emotional connection with their audience.
Employed To Serve - Post Hardcore Féminin (UK - Holy Roar Records) 
For Fans of Oathbreaker
Starting out as a two-piece bedroom project, Justine and Sammy released two EP’s through Grindcore Karaoke, the label run by Jay from Agoraphobic Nosebleed, before adding Michael and Robbie into the mix.
The first product of this unification is ‘Change Nothing, Regret Everything’ a musical open letter to those who despise their current situation, yet, do nothing to alter it. With a raucous sound that’s chaotic and bleak in equal measures, the gut wrenching vocals of Justine Jones ensure that every single lyric is delivered with the animosity the protagonist was intended to feel.
- Metalorgie

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