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When we talk about rock ‘n roll, we often go straight back to the Sixties & Seventies. However, most people attending HiNDU NiGHTS grew up within another vibrant period for guitar music. The Strokes’ Is This It (2001) somehow marked the beginning of a 10-year era in which some amazing rock ‘n roll (and pop) music was created. 

It was in those days that we started this party in Make Up Club. The great thing about those club nights was that we didn’t really care for strict musical boundaries. Girls danced to The Kooks and The Killers but even so to Kanye, Outkast and Hot Chip. I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor was an anthem but so was Simian’s We Are Your Friends. 

In a way that’s what it’s always been about: having a good night out with your mates and not being too much of a dickhead about the definition of rock ‘n roll music. 

Banging tunes & DJ sets … dirty dancefloors & dreams of naughtiness.

Ubercool & always hopelessly sold out (Studio Brussel)

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