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  • op 19/11/2017 om 19h00
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  Fiorella Mannoia made her debut as a singer in Castrocaro in 1967 and at the “Disco per l'estate” in 1969. Her first opportunity of meeting a wider public was the San Remo Festival in 1981 where Fiorella sung "Caffè nero bollente". And the real turning point for her career came along again with the San Remo Festival in 1984: the interpretation of "Come si cambia” fully demonstrated her expressive versatility. Throughout her career, Mannoia has collaborated with the biggest names among Italian recording artists, such as Luciano Ligabue, Tiziano Ferro and Jovanotti. With "Che sia Benedetta", she's back in 2017, and the song written by Amara is a huge success.

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