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The most popular dance theatre in Russia is without a doubt- Gzhel. The whole world was amazed by their breathtaking performance at the opening of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games in 2014. The Dance Theatre does have a long-standing reputation as a dance company actively touring all over the world. We have the pleasure of presenting their tour in Switzerland November 2018 when Gzhel will perform in Zurich and Geneva with program “Dances of the World Nations”. 

November,25th – Geneva, Theatre du Leman 

The Moscow State Dance Academic Theatre Gzhel was founded in 1988 by the People's Artist of Russia, Professor Vladimir Zakharov. The Gzhel ceramics production celebrated its 650 years’ anniversary. It can be said that the level of work of the Dance Theatre Gzhel has been at least as ambitious as the Gzhel potters since then. It is no surprise that in 1993 the Dance Theatre was awarded the name State Dance Theatre and in 1999 State Dance Academic Theatre.
The Professor and Artistic Direktor Zakharov has actively and profoundly collected information about different ethnic groups living in Russia, about their cultures and traditions. This is exactly the multicultural message the dance company conveys through their various dances and costumes. Moreover, the group also performs traditional European dances in their concerts.
Come and share this truly unique dance performance with us and gasp at the talent of 50 professional dancers performing at the tour!

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